The IRBIM CNR Institute has its Headquarter in Messina and three Secondary Research Centers located in Ancona, Mazara del Vallo (TP) and Lesina (FG). Together with the ISMAR CNR and IAS CNR Institutes, IRBIM CNR completes the complementary and synergistic system of the CNR DSSTTA Research Institutes conducting scientific research in marine sciences.


Gian Marco Luna

Director of CNR IRBIM since December 2020 (formerly Acting Director of CNR IRBIM during 2018-2020). Research Director, hired at the CNR in 2011, he obtained a PhD in Marine Biology and Ecology at the Polytechnic University of Marche (2005). He carried out scientific research at UnivPM (2006-2011), then at the CNR ISMAR Institute Main Office in Venice (2011-2016) and later at its Secondary Office in Ancona (2016-2018). He has participated in national and international research projects and scientific expeditions around the globe, and has been a visiting scientist in foreign Research Centers. He is the author of >>100 publications including articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, popular articles on marine sciences and book chapters. His research investigates the marine ecosystem and how marine microorganisms affect its functioning, from the coastal area to the abyssal depths, with emphasis on the mechanisms that regulate biodiversity and the response of the marine (micro)biota to human impact and global change.

Head of the Research Center

Administrative Secretary

Massimo Virgili

He collaborates in various research projects in the field of biology and technology of fishing and conservation of protected marine species. For over ten years he has been involved in the management of bivalve mollusc fisheries and in the experimentation of mitigation devices for the reduction of bycatch in commercial fishing. He carries out coordination activities (working groups and project partnerships), management, field activities (experimentation, monitoring of fisheries resources and oceanographic campaigns) and dissemination and dissemination. Author and co-author of about thirty scientific articles on research and experimentation on commercial fishing in the Mediterranean.

Administrative Managers

Grant Office

Giuseppina Ciurlia

The Grant Office of IRBIM CNR, instituted by the Director’s Provision no. 5/2020 (prot. N. 56/2020 of 09/01/2020), provides full support for the planning, presentation and management of national and international research projects to the Institute staff. Its Strategic Objectives are:
– Strengthen cooperation with public and private bodies at regional, national and international level as well as promote the strategic positioning of the Institute, also in relation to national and international strategies in line with the mission of the Institute;
– Establish new partnership networks and strengthen existing ones;
– Intercepting financial resources for the implementation of national, European and international research projects, in line with the mission of the Institute;
– Rationalize the planning and management of interventions for the main national, European and international programs;
– Communicate and disseminate the activities and results of the research projects.
The Office is responsible for and disseminates the Annual Report on funding to the CNR IRBIM to the Institute network.

Recruitment Office

Cinzia Di Pinto

The Recruitment Office of IRBIM CNR, established by Order of the Director no. 12/2021 (prot. 709/2021 of 02/12/2021), is dedicated to the completion of all the recruitment procedures of the Institute. The Office carries out the following activities:
– Management, preparation and completion of administrative documents and rectuitement procedures;
– Management of requests for new calls fro recruitments proposed by IRBIM personnel (who request them), verification of financial coverage and signing of the related deeds to the Management;
– Support to the IRBIM CNR Projects Office on the reporting of personnel recruited for the various projects and funding;
– Management and physical and digital archiving of the documentation of all procedures completed;
– Management of the progressive common numbering of the Institute calls and any related measures;
– Management of the email address ;
– Disclosure to all IRBIM staff on the release of each new call;
– Participation of the personnel belonging to the Recruitments Office in updating and training events on recruitments procedures at the CNR;
– Consultancy for the open calls/selection committees aimed at interpreting and applying the current legislation on the matter for the correct performance of administrative procedures; monitoring of all the temporal and procedural phases of the open calls/selections in progress to provide the Head of the Headquarters and the Director with information elements;
– Procedural indications regarding the exercise of the right of access to recruitment documents in application of law 241/90 and subsequent amendments and in accordance with the organizational provision of DG no. 22 of 18/05/2007 and with provision no. 062 of 08/11/2007 of the DG, after checking the individual procedures for acceptance/deferral according to the prescribed operating procedures;
– Activities related to the hiring and renewal of temporary staff, research fellows and fellows;
– Collection and dissemination of information relating to the periodic monitoring of permanent staff, contracted staff, research grantees, fellows.

ICT Office

The ICT Office of IRBIM CNR carries out the following activities:
– Server Management, Network Infrastructure and Information Security;
– Cloud infrastructure development and management;
– Management of authentication, authorization and accounting systems for personnel;
– Data backup and disaster recovery management
– Mail services management;
– Management and other office support software;
– Help Desk services to staff;
– Second-level assistance on ICT services
– Digital Transaction Services;
– IT Procurement Management;
– Development and management Institute Web Sites;
– Hosting management for web platforms;
– IT support to scientific projects (script, software, web app and service development).

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