Marine weather station located in the Port of Ancona.

In cooperation with the Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea, a remotely controllable automatic bulkhead management application has been implemented at the Ancona breakwater basin. This system allows automatic and remote monitoring of water levels and enables monitoring of weather and sea parameters of interest. It is possible to manage the levels and discharge the waters into the sea from the backwater tank when the pre-set conditions of maximum level reached and tide level lower than that of the gate occur. The water passes through filters to purify it of pollutants while it is monitored and checked for compliance with pollutant parameters within the specifications set by law and controlled by CNR IRBIM. To achieve this, devices such as control units and sensors that detect the condition and state of the bulkheads, pool levels and sea level, and motor switches that operate the controls according to the required conditions and the achievement of the desired levels have been integrated.


Real-Time Data

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