Areas of Research

Through a number of research groups located in the various research centers and their multidisciplinary skills, complex problems in the field of marine sciences are addressed, with particular reference to advance knowledge on life in the sea, biodiversity and marine biological resources. In line with the priorities of Horizon Europe and its mission Restore our Ocean and Waters”, of the RRP, of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, of the Common Fishery Policy and the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development, the main research areas of the Institute concern marine biology and ecology, biodiversity and ecosystems in seas and oceans (including polar areas), the management of biological resources and sustainable fishery, blue biotechnology, marine microbiology and the use of innovative molecular approaches for the study of the microbiome, technologies for the use of marine resources and for sea observation, the sea health and anthropogenic impacts, distribution of pollutants (including plastics and marine litter) and their accumulation in marine biota, sustainable and One Health aquaculture, blue growth, global change and its impacts on marine biota and ecosystems, the economy of the sea, the circular economy in the marine environment and the valorisation of marine biomass waste.

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