The book ‘La febbre del Mediterraneo’ published

The book will be available in electronic format translated into English and all the languages of the Countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The book ‘La Febbre del Mediterraneo – La sfida delle Aree Marine Protette ai cambiamenti climatici: fatti e idee’ (‘Mediterranean Fever – The Challenge of Marine Protected Areas to Climate Change: Facts and Ideas’), published by CNR Edizioni, written by Ernesto Azzurro of IRBIM CNR Ancona and illustrated by Martina Troise, has been published. With scientific contributions by Manuela D’Amen, Antonio di Franco and Joaquim Garrabou, and reviews by Mario Tozzi and Paolo Guidetti.

The book was presented during the final meeting of the European projects MPA Engage and MPA Networks, held in three different Catalan cities (Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Cadaques) from 14 to 17 June 2022, and will be available in electronic format in English and in all languages of the Countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The comment by Mario Tozzi, CNR geologist, science popularizer, essayist, author and Italian television presenter: “The overwhelming majority of scientists the world over warns us that our climate is abruptly changing, due to the impact of our economic activities. World summits describe global warming as a most worrisome emergency. So why do some people think that scientists have very diff erent opinions on this topic, while they clearly speak with one voice? This book is about climate change facts, and it takes into account science’s indisputable conclusions.”

14.06.2022 - Ancona

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