Brand Identity

The Institute has defined an identity, communication and image system to enable a more effective communication to society. The identity system was built up in a shared and synergistic manner together with the Marine Research Institutes of the CNR DSSTTA (ISMAR and IAS) using the marine environment and its suggestions as a common graphic element.

The IRBIM CNR Institute brand is made up of three elements:

  • 1 isotype of the National Research Council
  • 2 isotype of the research institute
  • 3 the logo (typography) of the research institute.

The graphics focus on the circular element extrapolated from the circumference of the letter C of the CNR isotype. Using the texture of the sea as a common element, the brand is declined by representing the specificities of each Marine Research Institute.

Institute Brand

Below you can view the official "Rules for Using of Institute Branding," which contains links to official logos in various formats, document templates, letterheads, business cards and other materials. More information about IRBIM's identity project is available here.

Downloading the document

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